THE INSPIRATION BEHIND SOUL WALK-- When God has an agenda, people find themselves at a given place, at a given time, and usually for a reason unbeknownst to all.  My personal Soul Walk began in 1992 with a spiritual experience such as this, one which deeply touched the lives of all concerned.  I had reached a point in my life where I had grown deeply disillusioned with my world; struggling, at best, to hide behind the veil of a sense of humor and a smile.  No longer did I recognize the eyes that stared back at me from the mirror, or the 200-pound form standing before me that had replaced the familiar one.  But even more concerning was the deafening stillness within my soul. Perhaps it is the silence, more than anything, which captures a concerned God's attention.  One thing is for certain, when God chooses to make a statement, lives are forever changed in the blink of an eye.  Such occurrences so deeply impact the soul, it is as though one is awakened from a deep sleep with a thirst to experience life to the fullest.  It was an act of this magnitude that inspired the Soul Walk promise and thus this program.  

THE GUIDANCE BEHIND THE SOUL WALK-- Important steps require careful guidance. This brings to mind the old adage: When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.  But you needn't worry about looking for the teacher... He finds you.  I refer to this teacher and hero as Coach, which indeed he is, both hero and the one who shall guide you safely on you your journey.  While it was the experience that inspired the promise to walk, it was the promise that inspired the Coach.  How, when does the Coach enter the picture?  He enters through the door of  your  soul,  when you need the help "enough to listen."  And your life will never be the same again…  Over  the years, we have traveled many a road and many a mile together, Coach and I; and all the while, he has safely guided my footsteps, while teaching me the heart and soul of what it takes to go the distance.  And with each step, I grew stronger--physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I largely attribute this metamorphosis to the Coach…  But something was required of me as well.  Soul Walk is a joint venture, a partnership of sorts--a pact as sacred and binding as marriage, for each requires a lifetime commitment.  And it all begins with the word commitment.  I know what I have gotten out of this magnificent  "partnership" as a result of what I put in, but I often wonder what the Coach receives in return.  I like to think he simply enjoys the company and our time together walking. Soul Walk was founded on those many miles shared.

THE PHILOSOPHY BEHIND SOUL WALK-The concept is based on the premise that the soul holds the key to happiness.  When this life-source manifests itself, it is comprised of three parts: mind, body and spirit, which weave together to form the golden-three. So in its earthly form, the soul's vehicle is the body; the mind is the pilot at the controls; and lastly, the human spirit is the spark that ignites the flame, thereby allowing the soul's life-source to flow throughout.  A weakness in one of these elements will ultimately affect the others;  for although the three have separate functions, they exist interdependently.   So, although I successfully hid my disillusionment from others for years, there came a time when it began to weigh heavily on my soul--and that is how the snow-ball effect begins.  Soon my health was affected, as an eating disorder forced me to wear my disconcertion like a 200-pound cloak.  It is important to understand this: when the soul suffers, eventually the mind, body and spirit suffer. Similarly, if you embark upon a program that strengthens any one of the three elements, you will experience a strengthening amongst the others.  Herein lies the beauty of Soul Walking; it addresses/benefits all three--the mind, the body and the spirit.

The Soul Walk program was founded on thousands of miles walked and many years of developing the methods and philosophy which have come to comprise the foundation and fundamentals of the Soul Walk approach to life.

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In his heart a man plans his course, but God determines his footsteps-- 

                 Proverbs 16:9                             

I will instruct you and

teach you in the way you should go: I will counsel you and watch over you…

                 Psalms 32:8

SOUL WALK Philosophy