When heaven has an agenda, people find themselves in a given place, at a fated time for reasons unbeknownst to all in that predestined moment. Yet, with each passing day, the whys and wherefores seem to reveal themselves
one piece at a time--
or in this case, one mile at a time.

SOULWALK's humble beginnings were inspired by just such a spiritual experience and the series of events thereof which deeply impacted the lives of all concerned, as well as many others since. Out of a desire to preserve the integrity of this experience and the beauty of its gift, the details of those events have been kept close to heart and shared only when inspired
or mandated by special circumstance.

Therefore, it is not the intention of this website to speak of those specifics,
but rather to share with you
the gift which transpired. 
In doing so, it is our sincere hope that the gift
 may reach many others, thus provide hope and strength to even 
more souls than the many already touched by heaven's lo
ng reaching arms. 

Some people are of the belief that we are left to our own devices 
as we make our way through this journey called Life.
This could not be farther from the truth...

There is another who shares your footsteps, your pain...your struggles; one who possesses both the wisdom and the means by which to touch your soul and life in the most overwhelming and sublime ways. Never doubt that when God chooses to make a statement, lives are forever changed. What transpires so profoundly impacts the soul, it is difficult to articulate the ways in which one's very being is transformed and the heightened awareness which takes hold of a loving guidance and presence embracing our lives.

An experience of this magnitude inspired


~May its gift come to touch your heart and life
as it has ours and so many others.~